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Life is a collection of experiences, evolution, and emotion. What drives us? What can we give and create? The sheer amazement of the world and the universe drives me to keep creating, living, and loving.

As a nomad photographer I have journeyed through several countries, languages, and personalities. I believe in the idea of self but also the possibilities of all life. I strive to push myself, increase my consciousness, and in turn, the world around us.

I have a particular interest in the extremes of life. The core of change lies in the extreme. The absolute highs and lows of our self, society, and lives is what shapes our world and reality. I will change the world and my own reality. I will create value and love and continue to work relentlessly until I have reached my goals.

DSC09712 Korea day 04 .jpg

Inspired by humans. By our absolute and infinite potential. My creations are almost entirely all human related, whether it is fashion or exploration. I seek human interaction and emotion to connect my new experience into my own work.

My portfolio can appear complicated and less easy on the eye than the usual photographer or film-maker. I love to have dynamic shots with contrasting colours. I love simplicity within lifes' complexity and the overloading of our senses is what I live for.

Currently based in Asia, and accepting international bookings. Exploring boundaries between cultures and concepts within the arts. 

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